Permanent Closure of Partial Area of Lot 8A

Beginning Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012 at 6:00 a.m. the south end of Parking Lot 8A (gravel area), located along Cullen Boulevard, will be permanently closed to student and staff parking. This parking lot will be fenced off for construction activities and future UH storage. This lot closure will cause the loss of approximately 180 parking spaces. Economy permit holders who currently park in this area may continue to park in the remaining Lot 8A, as well as the adjacent Lot 9C or any other UH economy lot, including ERP.  Please see below drawing for affected area.  

Lot 8A

For construction related inquiries, please contact Dean Ruck, FPC Senior Project Manager at or by phone at 713-743-8030. For parking related inquiries, please contact UH Parking and Transportation at 832-842-1097 or by email at  For more construction project information, please visit the Facilities Planning and Construction website at or visit our Facebook page at