Loop Road Project Begins With Installation of Temporary Fencing

Beginning Tuesday, Oct. 30, temporary fencing will be installed as part of the Loop Road Project.

Quads Fencing

The project involves four phases and will take approximately three months.  It will connect the existing interior road south of the Quads parallel to Wheeler to Lot 13A and Cullen Drive.  The project also involves a reconfiguration of the existing Lot 13A during the second and third phases.  Additional notices will be released prior to the start of each phase of the work.   

Please see the drawing for affected areas. Construction fencing is marked in red.  Passage for students, staff and faculty around the fence perimeter near Bates and the Cougar Woods Dining Hall will be maintained.

Please contact Luiza Maal, Senior Project Manager, if you have any questions related to this project at lcmaal@Central.UH.EDU or by phone at 713-743-5793. For more construction project information, please visit the Facilities Planning and Construction website or visit our Facebook page.