Lamar Fleming Jr. Building Construction Begins

Construction at the Lamar Fleming Jr. Building will begin on Monday, Sept. 10.  Phase I of the project will continue through January and involves work on the first floor and basement level. Vaughn Construction will install a construction fence around the areas affected by the first phase. Walls will be erected inside the building to separate the construction area from the areas of the building that will still be utilized for classes and research. See the pictures below for more information on affected areas of the first floor and basement levels as well as the outside of the building.

Fleming Construction Site

Fleming Basement

Fleming First Floor

Please contact Kelly Buehler, Senior Project Manager, if you have any questions related to this project at kbuehler@Central.UH.EDU or by phone at (713) 743-9637. For more construction project information, please visit the Facilities Planning and Construction website at or visit our Facebook page at