SR-1 Phase 1 Construction Start

The first phase of construction will start at the 5th floor south area on September 13, 2010 and finish on October 8, 2010. The project will consist of approximately 16 separate phases. Substantial Completion of the total project is scheduled for Spring 2012.

The Science and Research One Life Safety Updates and Air Handler Unit/Chilled Water Replacement project scope of work includes installing new stair pressurization system, replace domestic/fire storage tank, install complete fire sprinkler system, replace fire alarm system, modernize the existing elevators, asbestos removal on chilled water line insulations, replacement of the chilled water system, replacement of Air Handling Units and general construction work associated.

SR 1

Questions about this project may be directed to Erwin Enojado, senior project manager in Facilities Planning and Construction (713-743-9003).