Entrance 4 Will Be Closed Tuesday, August 3rd Through Thursday, August 5th

Due to the construction along Wheeler Street for the future METRO Rail, Entrance 4 will be closed from Tuesday, August 3rd through Thursday, August 5th.  The closure will remain each night.  Entrance 4 is located on the north side of Wheeler immediately west of Calhoun Road.  The campus road connecting to Entrance 4 passes by the Moody Towers, Welcome Center and Hilton Hotel and connects to University Drive.

Entrance 4
Entrance 4

Traffic turning into Entrance 4 from Wheeler Street will be directed to use Calhoun to access University Drive.  Access can be gained to the road connected to Entrance 4 by taking a left at University Drive and a left at the first stop sign on University Drive.

Traffic traveling south along the campus roadway leading to Entrance 4 will be directed to turn left into the driveway that will lead back to Calhoun Street along the southern edge of the Welcome Center Parking Garage.  Traffic will be allowed to access the Moody Towers' circular driveway if needed, but will be forced to turn back north after exiting the driveway.

A sidewalk path will be provided at all times during construction to allow pedestrian traffic to use Entrance 4.

The University of Houston is working to minimize the impact of the construction.  For questions about the closure and detour, please contact the University of Houston Department of Public Safety at (713) 743-3333.