Fleming Building Construction Set to Begin

We are excited to announce some long awaited plans to construct a new building to house the undergraduate Biology and Chemistry teaching labs which will be underway soon. This project will move the 40-year-old laboratories out of Fleming and Old Science into a brand new building that will be located along Cullen at Entrance 14 just west of Fleming and McElhinney. Construction will mobilize July 6, 2010, with completion scheduled by July 2011.

Fleming Building Rendering

The area on the west side of McElhinney from the main entrance, north to Entrance 14 will be fenced as the construction site. The front entrance stairs located on the Cullen Boulevard side will not be accessible. To enter McElhinney from the west, you will have to walk down to the south end of the building, then up the covered walkway. The fence along Cullen will block the sidewalk. There are two crosswalks south of the construction site where pedestrians can cross Cullen. The nearest accessible routes to cross Cullen are the signals at Entrance 13 and Entrance 14 (north of the construction site). Also, once the work starts, it will be loud at times.

Below is a map of the affected area.

Fleming Construction Area

If you have any concerns regarding issues surrounding this project, please contact two key contacts in Facilities Planning and Construction:

Ms. Kelly Buehler Senior
Project Manager

Mr. Jonathan Thurston
Principal Project Manager