From the Inside to the Outside, Work Continues at Architecture Building

Architecture Brick Repairs

Whether you’re inside or outside the Gerald D. Hines building, you may notice several scaffolding structures that have been erected this month. On the east side of the architecture building, Dura Pier contractors are busy repairing brick ledge soffits; work that will continue through mid-July. Part of the scope of this life safety project includes re-glazing and re-caulking exterior windows throughout the building. The end result will cause the facility to enjoy energy efficient savings since infiltration and exfiltration will be minimized.

Architecture Cupola and Skylight Repairs

The fourth floor was the center of much activity due to the mold remediation project which housed approximately 47 feet high scaffolding. Work crews from Millennium Project Solutions were forced to walk up four flights of stairs since the elevators weren’t large enough for all the equipment. It took 14 days to erect the metal structure. Mold has been removed.


Towering high above campus is the Cupola and Skylight Gutter Repairs Project. The cupola, a dome-shaped structure on top of the roof, must be resealed and waterproofed. The scaffolding for this project takes three (3) weeks to erect and is still in the installation stage. In addition, the skylight’s storm gutter (not visible in the photo) will be resealed and re-glazed.