Plant Operations Customer Service Center Yields Favorable Results

The Customer Service Center (CSC) within Plant Operations recently announced the results of a random e-mail survey that evaluated customer satisfaction. The CSC is the department that clients contact  regarding building maintenance, custodial, grounds & HVAC issues.

Call center staff members route the requests to various shops within Building Maintenance. Based upon replies from 80 out of 225 respondents, ninety-nine percent of customers expressed satisfaction at the level of service they’ve received from a CSC representative.

Hope Cabello, Manager of the Customer Service Center, was pleased with the results and said that when people call the “FIX-IT” Line (x34948), “They always get a person who is friendly and helpful. We  know our customers love to talk to a live person and not a recording.” Cabello also said her staff is trained to direct each caller to the appropriate shop that can resolve their issue. “The customer will be helped no matter what.”

Although the majority of the customers were extremely pleased, surveyors indicated that one area that could be improved is the follow-up call from the shops. Clients want to know if and when a request has been corrected. “Right now the letter of completion isn’t working, but we’re looking into offering another option, like a follow-up telephone call.”

Cabello believes that the key element that makes the CSC successful is a knowledgeable staff that loves to serve others. “Anyone can answer a telephone, but [customers] will hear it in your voice and  they’ll know your heart isn’t in it. You have to be a people person. All of our customer’s issues are important to us. We strive to create a personal relationship and built trust and confidence with our customers; this is the extra step we work so hard to achieve.”