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East Parking Garage

East Parking Gargage
Garage Model - facing Spur 5 Access Rd.

By the end of fall 2009, UH’s vision of providing more parking will be a reality. The 1,500 space East Parking Garage broke ground in December 2008 and is located in the Professional Precinct near the Bauer College of Business. To make room for the garage, the former Chinese Star restaurant was demolished along with other businesses on Calhoun Road that for years was known as Cougar Square. This $18 million dollar five-level garage will meet the needs of students, faculty, visitors, and residents of the nearby Calhoun Lofts housing facility. The construction of the new garage is a fulfillment of the 2006 Campus Framework Plan which calls for the addition of more parking spaces in order to accommodate the influx of students that are expected to enroll in the coming years.

Design features of this pre-cast garage include a central cashier station, lighting, security cameras, emergency call boxes, and a fire alarm system. E.E. Reed Construction, L.P. is the design/builder. Based upon its bold design, the East Parking Garage will undoubtedly stand out on campus. The attractive red and white round and flange-shaped pultruded fiberglass feature was intentionally included in order to reinforce UH’s identity. The garage and all its glorious features is viewable from Spur 5 and I-45 so that anyone who passes by the area will know they’re in “Cougar” country.

East Parking Gargage