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Facilities Operations & Maintenance

With the recent centralization of university facilities, this newly formed department within Facilities Management consists of Zone Maintenance, Central Plants & Mechanical, Labor Services and Technical Services. Under the direction of Sameer Kapileshwari, Facilities Operations and Maintenance works to service the campus facilities needs through level one and two service for, maintenance including carpentry, plumbing, painting and exterior maintenance and custodial services, solid waste and recycling, landscape, grounds and pest control, lock shop and key control, auto shop, fleet management, central plants and HVAC/mechanical, electrical, elevator and fire alarms.

(Response Locally)
(Campus Support/Contractor)
(Emergency Responders )
Routine Maintenance Continued System Issues Life Safety
Minor repairs Fire alarm Supporting Services
Minor Floods Elevator Fire/Flood/Death

HVAC & Controls Structural Failure
Electrical infrastructure Natural Disasters
  Security Alarm Terrorism
  Building Access Hazmat Incidents
  Security (doors and windows)  
  Event setup (billable)