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Mechanical Maintenance

Mechanical Maintenance group ensures reliable operation of air-conditioning and heating equipment and maintain indoor air quality for occupant comfort.  Following is a summary of equipment/systems maintained and tasks performed:

  1. Ensure reliable operation of utility distribution tunnel piping, pumps, and fans.
  2. Maintain building steam stations, steam traps, steam and condensate expansion joints.
  3. Maintain condensate tanks and pumps.
  4. Operate and maintain building chillers, chilled water and hot water pumps, and steam heat-exchangers.
  5. Operate and maintain direct expansion air-conditioning and heating system.
  6. Operate and maintain fan-coil units, central-station, packaged, and rooftop air handling units including coil cleaning, and filter replacement.
  7. Preventive Maintenance Program on all campus HVAC building systems, mechanical systems and fume hood exhaust and supply air systems.
  8. Sheet metal ductwork repairs and fabrication.
  9. Insulation repairs and replacement.


  1. Process chilled water systems
  2. Building de-ionized (DI) water systems (using service contractor)
  3. Lab fume hoods with associated exhaust fan systems and control systems