Employee Recognition Award Recipients

Facilities Debuts Exclusive Hats to Exceptional Honorees

Facilities makes a point to highlight the hard work of our team members. Recently, employees Jose Galeas, Bennie Lopez, and Dwight Wilkins were honored with an exclusive Facilities Construction Management Hat due to their outstanding achievement and commitment in their roles.  In order to receive this award the employee must first be nominated by the supervisor of their respective department. Once the Employee Recognition Form is filled out by the supervisor, an Executive Director signs off and then Associate Vice Chancellor, David Oliver approves.

 Mr. Oliver mentions that “F/CM continues to recognize employees who have helped the University maintain their resources, helped with safety issues and going above and beyond normal expectations. We have now started distributing Facilities/Construction Management hats to those designated employees through the F/CM Employee Recognition in addition to our other rewards. We appreciate all these individuals have done and look forward to hearing more stories of our wonderful Facilities staff.”

 Mr. Oliver had a vision for the F/CM hats which are limited edition and precisely designed for Facilities. So these hats are just as exceptional as the recognized team. Employee recognitions, are one of the many approaches used to focus on the influential work and dedication by our team members. These recognitions in the workplace, are great way to show appreciation overall acknowledge their everyday presence.