Tree Inventory Survey

New project helps with future planning and maintenance on campus

UH Facilities and the Office of Sustainability are enthusiastic about the future results of the tree inventory survey.

As part of a larger project, the campus is getting an entire tree inventory survey completed. Every tree with a diameter 4-inches or greater  will be noted, inventoried and safely tagged. This has tremendous benefits for UH Facilities in the way of future construction projects along with grounds keeping and maintenance. For the Office of Sustainability, this helps with the STARS reporting and initiatives. “This project will benefit the University on many different levels.” stated Senior Project Manager Barry Simmons.

The Tree Survey  is a multiple phase endeavor utilizing numerous technologies  that includes drones and ground vehicles utilizing light retention and ranging (LiDAR) surveying applications as well as using carts with cameras and physical walking through the Campus tree by tree, step-by-step. This inventory will help to maintain a Tree Campus USA certification and track greenhouse gas.

After it is complete, UH Facilities Planning Department will have an AutoCAD file of the trees on campus showing every tree location along with information such as species, diameter, potential age, and health attributes.

Once the base tree survey document is in place, the tree inventory will become a living document showing the campus’ tree diversity and able to be updated with every new tree over 4-inches in diameter and every loss.

The use of this information is endless and the excitement is unequaled.