Football Locker Room Project

Alumni help with Football Locker Room upgrades

The Houston Football Locker Room project started during the spring semester of 2016 and was completed by August 2016. The driving force of the upgrade was to enhance the student-athlete experience and provide Houston Athletics with facilities competitive to those of their rivals.

Locker room     NFL logos     locker

Lockers were upgraded and widened to accommodate the players’ size and provide a home during the season. The HVAC system was upgraded and new flooring was installed in addition to dynamic lighting, sound systems and a hi-definition video wall. Modernized bathroom facilities included glass partitions  etched with UH logos separating the locker room from the shower.  To motivate current players, NFL logos representing Houston alums, were added to the interiors of the locker room. These logos show the pride of UH has reached the game’s highest current players.

Multiple alumni worked with Facilities in order to complete this project. Because of their interest, many of them  provided funding for numerous pieces of equipment needed.  “We tried to utilize the resources provided by the Alumni Association in the best possible way and we want to thank them for their constant support. It's amazing what a group of dedicated individuals can do if everyone's heart is in it” says Project Manager David MacLeod. The locker room turned-out to be better than imagined and  Facilities is happy to continue to support the UH athletic program.

Facilities Construction Project Manager David MacLeod supervised this endeavor. MacLeod became a project manager in 2000 and started at UH in 2013. He is originally from Houston, Texas and after his time in the military, he attended Sam Houston State University. When he is not working at UH, MacLeod enjoys writing, playing piano and guitar, being a dad and caring for his chickens. David MacLeod

When asked what he enjoys most about his job at UH, he explained that he loves working with a team and gets satisfaction by contributing to projects that increase enjoyment and appreciation of the space. He stated, “When working a difficult project, I find myself thinking, - if we succeed, it will be a team win and if we fail it will be a team failure. No one does this job alone.”

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