Continued Advancement of Campus Wayfinding Signage

The Wayfinding Signage continues to build and expand throughout campus.

Wayfinding Signs were developed by the designLab team as a campus-wide directional program that makes it easier to find specific locations on campus. Currently the campus is arranged into eight districts for the development of signage. The districts are listed as Arts, Athletics, Biomedical, Central, Cullen North, Energy, Professional, and Residential. These districts incorporate exterior signage of various types for vehicle arrival, campus entries, pedestrians, campus directories, building identification, hike/bike trails, and parking lot identification. In addition, there is work currently taking place that integrates public art signage and donor recognition signage within the same aesthetic family. districts240x320.jpg 

Implementation of the Wayfinding Signage started with the pilot installments of the perimeter vehicle arrival signs and those of Arts District.  Subsequently, the TDECU Stadium and the surrounding Athletics District, along with the campus entries signs, have all been implemented with some being installed within the next few months.  The Professional District will be implemented next with the remaining districts to follow.

During the implementation process each district is reviewed thoroughly for the signage needs. The existing signs of all types are first mapped by facilities for their existing location and existing content. Then careful consideration is given for conversion to the new wayfinding signage. From this process, a first draft of the district signage is generated and then shared with the stakeholders in that district for recommendations and updates.  The process of revision and vetting with stakeholders moves through several iterations to achieve the best possible balance in response to the needs of all concerned.  The outcome is usually a mix of replacing existing signs with new ones in existing locations, replacing  existing signs with new ones in adjusted locations, adding new signs in new locations, and in a few cases, removing redundant existing signs without replacements.

Project Manager Kimberly Burks did not receive this project from its inception but is fully engrossed in it now and stays on top of each moving part. Burks mentions how B Signs weren’t done by district but campus wide. “The B's are very important. They are directional and also note the parking lots.”