Key Access Services Moves for Easy Access

A Great Advance For Building Openings


With the knowledge that the College of Pharmacy would be moving in to the brand new Health and Biomedical Sciences Building II in July, Principal Project Manager Trent Williams and Assistant Project Manager Carolyn Taylor asked if Key Access Services would be willing to transport their operations to the facility in order to accommodate those moving into their new space. Supervisor of Key Access Services Roland Bourque agreed to transport their resources and staff a key pick-up table for half a day. With Key Access Services being available at the opening of the building,   staff only needed to walk downstairs to pick up their keys instead of making a trip across campus to the General Services Building. With customer service being the priority of facilities business, this plan proved to be a great advance for future building openings.

This is the first time Facilities has tried something such as this. The success of this inaugural event all boiled down to having all of the keys ready and wireless connection for the iPad when checking the keys out. Initially a list was submitted with a total of 75 names on it. From those names, a total of 125 individual and sub-master key requests were processed. There were a total of 63 electronic submissions for individual keys with an additional 57 sub-master submissions which are all paper forms. Because of the size of the building there were more sub-masters sent out than usual.

Everything ran as smoothly as possible. Over 170 individual hard keys were distributed with 90% of them between 8:00am and 10:20am.  The remaining keys were checked out by 11:40 am. Bourque comments on the capability for this process to occur. “The online process of submitting key requests makes it easier and more convenient to receive requests and cut them. The turn-around time has been diminished by two-thirds when compared to two years ago. The tablet made the difference in processing key pick-ups. If everything was to be put in manually it would take 2 to 3 days alone to do.”