HBSB II - Cranes Removed

HBSB II reaches another major milestone.

In December 2016, the Health and Biomedical Sciences Building II (HBSB II) reaches another major milestone. The 9 story facility which should have a few areas ready for move-in this summer, has its exterior facade put in place and the cranes were removed. Principal Project Manager Trent Williams explained that “at least 250 workers are here on this project everyday.”

Once this massive construction project is completed, the front of the facility will have glass front doors with a canopy over the building and a circular drop-off with limestone wrapped around it.

The 1st floor of the building will have a teaching kitchen, counseling rooms, a primary health clinic, a space for the School of Social Work and offices for Clinical Psychology. There will be a single stop elevator that connects floors one and two to make it convenient for patient use.

The 2nd floor plans consist of student health services and an activity studio for health and human performance.   

The 3rd and 4th floors are definitely moving forward quickly in order to meet the deadline for a summer move-in. These two floors are dedicated to the College of Pharmacy and are currently on schedule so that they begin their fall semester in their new accommodations.

The 3rd floor houses the College of Pharmacy offices of the Dean, Associate Dean, staff and faculty. Two large 200-student classrooms have been designed with tables that makes discussing topics in a group setting easily accomplished. The high-tech capabilities for this area will be phenomenal. With two large rooms adjacent to each other, restroom facilities were a key concern. The size of the restrooms have been increased to cover the potential amount of student leaving when class is dismissed. Comfort was also a key factor for pharmaceutical students. There will be a courtyard for students to study, relax and enjoy the view from the new building. Open spaces for events such as career fairs were also planned for this floor.

The 4th floor of the building consists of the College of Pharmacy teaching labs and additional offices. Floors 3 and 4 have a convenience stairs in the middle of the building so that students can easily get to their classes without having to walk to the other end of the building. This staircase will also give a more cohesive feel and easily connect the two floors designated for this college.

Just as each floor has a unique purpose, each floor is in a different phase of construction completion. It is exciting to see progress made and each month brings new developments.

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