Health 2 - Concrete is Complete

The Roof Has Been Poured

HBSB II OutsideIn August, the Health 2 construction project hit a major milestone - the final elevated slab was placed. “We have a long way to go before substantial completion but this is a step in the right direction.” stated Facilities Inspector Cesar Villigren. The majority of the concrete has been finished with a few small exceptions for curbing and transformer pads yet to be completed.

Now that the roof section has been poured the view from the top of the nine-story building is amazing. The viewer can see the entire campus. Once the pre-cast wall surround is installed, the current view from the roof-top will no longer be available. The design of the columns extending beyond the rooftop's edge is unique to Health 2. The intent is to cover the rooftop mechanical equipment so that the exterior aesthetics of the building will be the focus and not the equipment that is often seen.  

The beautiful campus view and indeed that of the surrounding areas will however be available safely through the windows. The window frames for most floors are being installed now.

Beyond window frames, interior work is proceeding on the third floor with installation of wall and door frames. The next step will be installation of the drywall. Tellepsen employee and UH Construction Management student, Ryan Orsak says, “Putting in the ceilings gives a sense of a finished product.” 

He is anxiously waiting for that part of the project to start taking shape.  
HBSB Window

The next big milestone will occur once all of the exterior walls and windows have been placed. The HVAC system with its 10ft wide by 5ft high service ducts can be turned on. The goal for this is the end of the fall semester, weather permitting.

Even with all of the rain over the last few months, this project is continuing to remain on schedule.

Live Video Feed for Health and Biomedical Science Building 2

Time Lapse Camera Feed for Health and Biomed 2