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Graduate College of Social Work Mural Renovation

Facilities works on 'Pulling Together' for GCSW mural restoration project

Semester Magazine: Fall 2018

Facilities Highlights Fall 2018 News and Events

Social Media Within Facilities

A closer look at the process and purpose for Facilities Social Media.

University of Houston- Clear Lake Expansion

The UH System continues to grow to better serve its increasing community.

Building Cleaning Project

Facilities enhances the campus’ beauty one building at a time.

Employee Recognition Award Recipients

Facilities Debuts Exclusive Hats to Exceptional Honorees

Facilities welcomes the new Space Management Team

A new and improved Space Management team emerges.

Agnes Arnold's Fire Life Safety Project Completed

A Project Manager’s Proudest Project

Health 2 Receives Silver

Health 2 receives Silver at the Apex Awards.

Semester Magazine Spring 2018

Facilities Highlights Spring 2018 News and Events

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