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UH System Project Renovations for Summer 2019

A deeper insight of the summer’s completed construction projects

Facilities Planning receives Houston Business Journal’s Annual Landmark Award

UHCL Interior Planning Gains Recognition

Fertitta Center awarded Houston Business Journal’s Annual Landmark Award

Fertitta Center Renovation Leads to Prestigious Award

That’s A Wrap Employee Luncheon

Employee Excellence Award Makes a Return

FPC Internship Program

UH Facilities Planning and Construction (FPC) introduces internship for Fall 2019

Graduate College of Social Work Mural Renovation

Facilities works on 'Pulling Together' for GCSW mural restoration project

Semester Magazine: Fall 2018

Facilities Highlights Fall 2018 News and Events

Social Media Within Facilities

A closer look at the process and purpose for Facilities Social Media.

University of Houston- Clear Lake Expansion

The UH System continues to grow to better serve its increasing community.

Building Cleaning Project

Facilities enhances the campus’ beauty one building at a time.

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