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Key Access Services Moves for Easy Access

A Great Advance For Building Openings

Out with the Old, In with the New

Demolition of ERP 9B for the expansion of the Petroleum Engineering Department

Continued Advancement of Campus Wayfinding Signage

The Wayfinding Signage continues to build and expand throughout campus.

UH Facilities Represented on TAPPA Board

Jim Norcom finishes as TAPPA President

Exterior Key Core Changes

Card Readers have been installed for entry after-hours

UH Faculty Café

UH announced the much anticipated opening of the Faculty Café earlier this year with the progressive efforts of UH Facilities

Football Locker Room Project

Alumni help with Football Locker Room upgrades

UH Facilities in Review Semester Magazine

Cougar Substation Project

A project spanning the equivalent of 26 football fields

HBSB II - Cranes Removed

HBSB II hit another major milestone.

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