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Core Building Renovations

Project Description

The goal of the Core Renovation Project is to strategically renovate the buildings that form the general education core of the central University of Houston campus. These buildings are home to a substantial number of classrooms, labs, faculty offices and departmental headquarters.
They are heavily utilized by students and faculty. The renovation plan includes addressing deferred maintenance issues, modernization of the facility and building systems and aligning the interior spaces with the occupants needs.
The buildings to be renovated include: Agnes Arnold Hall, Charles F. McElhinney Hall, Roy G.Cullen, Science Research & Engineering Center, Science & Research I, and the Science Building.
Roy-G-Cullen.png  science-building.png
s-r1.png agnes-arnold-hall.png
mcelhinney.png  roy g cullen.png

Next Steps

Facilities Planning & Construction is procuring a consultant who will outline a strategic plan for the renovation of each of the Core Buildings. Once the consultant is under contract, they will assist in developing the project schedules, the specific scope of work for each building renovation and determine the how the building occupants will be impacted by the renovations.
Following is the projected schedule for the consultant:
                                    Consultant Under Contract: July 2017
                                    Interviews & Investigate Reviews: July – August 2017
                                    Draft Report Submitted for Review: September 2017
                                    Final Report: October 2017
In addition, Facilities Planning & Construction has identified key contacts within each department that will be impacted. Planning is in the process of working with these contacts to develop a stakeholder list. The stakeholder groups will be involved in the initial programming meetings and the design review sessions for their specific spaces within the building renovation.