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Biological Waste Procedures

There are two options for the disposal of biological waste. Some biological waste may be safely autoclaved and then disposed of in the general trash dumpster. The autoclave process destroys pathogens in the waste and the waste can then be discarded with general trash. HOWEVER, PLACE THE AUTOCLAVED WASTE BAG INSIDE A BLACK TRASH BAG BEFORE PLACING IN A DUMPSTER. The black trash bag serves as the required regulatory color indicator that the waste has been successfully autoclaved. Please refer to Environmental Health and Life Safety's Biological Safety Manual, which is also available on this website, or contact EHLS for further assistance.

Departments that do not have access to an auto clave may fill out an on-line request form for a biological waste pick up.  Potentially pathogenic waste must be chemically deactivated (10% bleach solution) prior to pick-up by EHS personnel.

NEEDLES, SCALPELS, RAZOR BLADES, AND BROKEN GLASSAll sharp, contaminated objects should be placed in an approved puncture resistant "sharps" container. This container should have securely capped ends or a closable top or lid.  Sharps containers are available at Research Stores.

CONTAMINATED ANIMAL CARCASSES:All animal carcasses should be incinerated.