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Online Training Assistance

Environmental Health & Life Safety is transitioning toward the use of a web-based training and management system. As you participate in online training this will provide a streamlined registration, course, and recordkeeping experience that will better position the University to thrive as a safe and responsible entity. Some of the pages that you will see when registering for training may seem unfamiliar, so we have prepared a walk-through for use of the training software. 

Course Selection

When you select a course from our website to take as web-based training, you will be taken to the login page for EHS-Assistant. You will log in with your cougarnet credentials. In some browsers, it may be required to click on the "Submit" button instead of pressing the "Enter" key.

Overlaid image of login page for EHS-Assistant

  1. This is the area of the page in which you can provide your Cougarnet credentials and enter EHS-Assistant's web-based training system. Your Cougarnet credentials allow the system to keep track of your completed, required, and incomplete training.
  2. You can contact EHLS or utilize this page for assitance when logging into or navigating the web-based training software.
  3. You can log out of your Cougarnet account at any time. 

After logging into the web-based training application, you will be given a choice of training courses. Please select the one that you wish to complete. 

Screenshot of course selection screen in EHS-Assistant

Course Navigation

After selecting a course, you will begin the instruction. 

EHS-Assistant course navigation screenshot

A training course can consist of one or many modules, all having similar navigation features. 

EHS-Assistant course navigation screenshot with contact EHLS option in a red box for emphasis

You are able to contact EHLS throughout the course with any questions you may have, or issues related to the use of this training software. 

EHS-Assistant course navigation arrows

Forward and backward navigation arrows allow moving between units in a sequential fashion. 

EHS-Assistant course navigation drop-down

Units and modules can also be navigated in a non-linear manner through the use of the unit-selection drop-down menu. 

EHS-Assistant take quiz link

Users can select to take the quiz before finishing a slide through the use of the "Take Quiz" link at the top of the course page. It is not recommended to take the quiz until all instruction has been completed. 

EHS-Assistant choose a different course link

Should you decide that you're not taking the course that you should, you can select the "Different Course" link to return to the course selection screen. 

Multimedia Controls

EHS-Assistant Flash player controls

Many of our training presentations use Adobe Flash to deliver multimedia training. These are accompanied by customary controls common to most video content. 

Quizzes and Evaluations

EHS-Assistant Question identifier screenshot

Each question has a question number that you can use to reference a particular question and set of answers in the case that you need to contact EHLS. 

EHS-Assistant Quiz progress indicator screenshot

You can judge your progress in the quiz using the progress indicator which shows how many questions you've attempted and the number of questions in the quiz. 

EHS-Assistant quiz answer radio buttons screenshot

Select the appropriate response from the available answers. 

EHS-Assistant Quiz question submit button screenshot

Submit your answer and continue on to the next question.