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Instructor-led Training Assistance

Environmental Health & Life Safety is transitioning from a manual course management approach to a more automated web-based system. We are making this venture to more efficiently serve the University's training needs, and to more accurately track and keep-compliant your training requirements. We will be using EHS-Assistant to manage training registration and record management, as this will be new for most of the campus, we have provided a walkthrough.

If you have not already done so, the registration system can be accessed here.

Log in

EHS-Assistant login page screenshot

From the login screen, you can input your Cougarnet credentials to log into the training system. You can also find links to contact us or view this walkthrough to assist in registration. Once you have entered your Cougarnet username and password, press the Login button. 

Course Selection

EHS-Assistant course selection splash screen

The course selection screen opens up displaying courses for which the user is already registered. A blank screen indicates that you have not yet registered for any courses. Selecting from all available courses will bring up a list of all courses that EHLS offers, whereas selecting from courses required by your job type(s) brings up a list tailored to the roles that you serve at the University. It is possible that a role in a lab, group, or department may not correctly indicate the jobs that you are required to take, especially those attributed to additional duties and so you may need to select from all available courses in order to find the appropriate course. 

EHS-Assistant all courses offered screenshot

Scroll through the list of courses based on your previous selection. Find the best date and time that the course is offered for your schedule, and click on the "Select" link to the left of the entry to select that course offering. The list can be narrowed down by course number, or searching for a keyword.

EHS-Assistant cropped screenshot of course detail

You will return to the course selection screen, and the course details will be filled in allowing you to review them before registering for that course offering. Once you are satisfied with the details, you may click on Register for this Class to register. You will also receive a confirmation email with these details. 

Course Confirmation

EHS-Assistant registration confirmation screen

After registering, you will see a registration confirmation screen in your browser. This confirms that you have been registered for the course. You may select OK to continue registering for other training. 

EHS-Assistant confirmation email

You will also receive an email with a PDF attachment detailing the specifics of the course. It will also contain a link to course handouts (to bring with you) as well as parking and location information for the course.