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There was an error in submitting your form

Unfortunately, there was an error submitting your form. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Feel free to try these troubleshooting steps, and if none of them work, skip to the end of the page and it details how to give us your information using methods other than our web-based forms. 

Browser Does Not Meet Requirements

To properly submit forms on our site, your browser will need to support JavaScript and the sending of HTTP Referrer Headers. Instructions to enable JavaScript and verify that it is enabled are available at has a thorough guide to enable sending HTTP Referrer Headers, but there are a variety of browser and security add-ons that can disable it. If your browser is not covered, you may need to consult your add-on's references to determine how to enable sending the appropriate headers. 

Information You Provided Matched an Abuse Filter

Please be sure that you filled out each form item completely. Leaving a form item blank will normally cause a javascript alert to be presented, however these alerts may not appear if javascript or alert boxes have been disabled or ignored. Email addresses and personal information that has been used in the past to attempt abuse or exploitation of the form may also cause the form not to be submitted, and it is entirely possible that your information matches or is close to this filtered information. We can still manually register you. 

There Was an Error on Our Server

Servers have issues from time to time, and this form relies on several server-side functions. If there is a server-side issue, you may not be able to further trouble-shoot this registration. 

None of These Fixed My Issue

That's fine, you can send your information to us through other means. You'll need all of the information included on the registration form, including the class date and time (if applicable), a screenshot of your attempt to register (that way we can check and see if there was an issue we have not covered), and a method of contacting EHLS. The preferred method for contacting us with your information is via email, but if this is not amenable to your abilities, we can also take your information by phone, fax, interoffice mail, and post. Please utilize your preferred method of sending your information, and we will get back with you as soon as possible.