Chemical Safety

EHLS's main purpose is to support the University of Houston in its mission of higher education and research. The Department's efforts are directed at assisting the University in identifying safety hazards and controlling such hazards through protective equipment, hazard mitigation methods, and development and presentation of safety training programs.

Specific to this Chemical Hygiene Plan, the responsibilities of the Environmental Health and Risk Management Department include the following:

  • Provide technical assistance to laboratory supervisors and workers concerning appropriate storage, handling and disposal of hazardous chemicals;
  • Provide general and specialized laboratory safety training upon request;
  • Conduct exposure assessments and laboratory surveillance upon request;
  • Make routine, as well as special, health and safety audits;
  • Provide technical assistance concerning personal protective equipment and laboratory safety equipment;
  • Facilitate access to manufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheets and other laboratory and chemical safety literature;
  • Remain current on rules and regulations concerning chemicals used at UH.

EHLS provides a standard for laboratory construction with additional guidelines that covers all laboratories including those whose primary hazards are chemical.