ChemSwap Free/Unused Chemicals

In order to prevent pollution and misallocation of valuable chemical stocks, EHLS has implemented a program to facilitate the use of otherwise unused chemicals. The ChemSwap program allows participants to submit requests for unused chemicals to be picked up in the same manner as their other hazardous waste for the convenience of the PI or shop, and once picked up the chemicals are vetted and offered up to other participants for their use free of cost. 

Requesting a Pickup

You can request that unused chemicals be picked up through the normal Hazardous Waste Pickup form, annotating those unused chemicals as destined for ChemSwap, or if there is no other hazardous waste (or numerous containers) you can fill out the ChemSwap form and email it to EHLS. 

Requesting Chemicals

If there are chemicals that your lab or shop need or regularly use, please contact us so that we can be on the lookout for anything that meets your specifications. Chemicals are distributed on a first come, first served basis and are regularly posted here. 

Chemical Name Identifying Information Quantity Additional Information
tert-Butyl-peroxide Sigma Aldrich Batch: 11304TH 250mL In plastic bottle
Triethylphenylphosphine Sigma Aldrich Stock: 30177 Lot G29X006 5g In sealed glass tube
Nickel, powder 99.99% Sigma Aldrich Lots: 0718 and 131115 500g 2x in plastic bottle
Nickel, powder 99.9% STREM Lot:140982-5 500g In glass bottle