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Resources: Hazard Communication

EHLS has compiled some additional resources to further enchance the University's understanding and adoption of Hazard Communication Act standards. 

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Compare MSDS and SDS formats (External: OSHA)
Section-by-section information (External: OSHA)
EHLS SDS search resources 
OSHA example SDS: "Bond It" (External: OSHA)
OSHA example SDS: "Chemical Stuff" (External: OSHA) 
Substitute and non-manufacturer-specific SDS information (External: TxDSHS) 
GHS SDS brief (External: OSHA) 


GHS pictograms and explanations (External: OSHA)
Example annotated labels (External: OSHA)
GHS labels and pictograms brief (External: OSHA) 
Label fact sheet (External: TxDSHS) 
HMIS III label information (External: American Coatings Assn.)
DOT label information (External: PHMSA)
NFPA 704 "fire diamond" to GHS Quick Reference (External: NFPA) 

Chemical Inventory

UH chemical inventory template 
Workplace chemical list information (External: TxDSHS) 


UH EHLS online training opportunities
UH EHLS instructor-led training opportunities
Training requirements and example records page (External: TxDSHS)     

Written Hazcom Plan 

UH Hazard Communications Plan
Example Hazcom plan (External: OSHA)
Example Hazcom plan (External: TxDSHS) 
Notice to Employees (English) (External: TxDSHS) 
Notice to Employees (Spanish) (External: TxDSHS) 

Other Resources

Contact EHLS for assistance
Go to the HAZCOM training presentation