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SDS/MSDS Information

There are a plethora of ways to locate the MSDS for the chemical or product of concern. The preferred method is to utilize the MSDS/SDS that came with the product, as this is a DOT requirement for shipping of most goods. Whenever possible, retain this copy in an electronic copy or binder to insure that you have the most relevant data sheet for your product. You can also procure the MSDS/SDS from the manufacturer. We have listed common chemical suppliers on this page, but you should attempt to insure that you find the appropriate chemical supplier, and when searching on your own, the proper concentration, formulation, and quantity of your product to insure the most pertinent data sheet to your work. You can also contact the company by post, phone, or sometimes fax to procure a copy of the MSDS/SDS. If you're unable to find it through these methods, sometimes a search engine can help. 

Common Chemical Suppliers and Searches

SIRI MSDS Index: This is not a manufacturer but an aggregation of available data sheets. 

Sigma Aldrich MSDS Search

Alfa Aesar


Bio-Rad MSDS Search

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories MSDS Search

Dow Corning MSDS Finder

Dow Chemical SDS Search

Millipore MSDS Search

Shell Chemicals MSDS Search

Fisher Scientific MSDS Search

Spectrum Laboratory Products MSDS Search

Abbott MSDS Searches

Air Products MSDS Index

Benjamin Moore Technical Information

Buckeye MSDS Index

Air Liquide SDS Search

Canon MSDS Search

Coleman MSDS Index

3M MSDS Search

Avantor Performance Materials MSDS Search

Kodak MSDS and Information Sheets

DuPont MSDS Central Search

Linde Group MSDS Search

Matheson Trigas MSDS Search

Praxair SDS Library

Roche Applied Science MSDS Search


Lexmark MSDS

FMC MSDS Indexes

Georgia-Pacific MSDS Search

GlaxoSmithKline MSDS Indexes

Gojo MSDS Index

Honeywell MSDS Resource Center

Interstate Batteries MSDS Index

Kidde Manuals and MSDS

Kimberly-Clark Professional MSDS Index

Lighthouse for the Blind Industries MSDS Search

ExxonMobil MSDS Index

New Pig MSDS Search

US Silica MSDS Search

VWR International MSDS Search

Xerox Safety Documents and Compliance Information

Zep MSDS Search

P&G Product Safety Search

Energizer Product Safety Datasheets

Sprint Systems of Photography Safety Datasheets

Still No Luck? 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find some MSDS/SDS through the manufacturer or an index. Oftentimes a popular search engine, chemical search engine, or a set of safety information can point one in the right direction. 

Google is a popular search engine, so are Bing, Dogpile, and Lycos. Sometimes it can be helpful to search not just by name, but by CAS or another popular chemical identifier or even product/catalog number paired with manufacturer. When doing this, it is possible to find similar but not matching products, which may be helpful but are no real substitute to the information that you will receive from the manufacturer or the product that you have on hand. When doing this, it is important to remember that product composition may differ between manufacturers, product lines, and even batches of the same product and your diligence is important in determining the acceptable documentation for your workspace. 

ChemSpider is a popular chemical search engine, as are eMolecules, PubChem and the NIST Web Book. They can generally provide physical and some safety information about a chemical, or may provide links to manufacturers who may provide their own MSDS/SDS or a form to request one. You can also find some safety information on the NIOSH Pocket Guide and the Consumer Product Safety Commission's Lab Safety Guide.

If you're still unable to locate an MSDS you can contact us for assistance. While we probably cannot make you a new MSDS, we may be able to assist in locating one for you.