Fire Log

Date and TimeLocationCause
01/09/2011    3:21pm Calhoun Lofts. HVAC unit overheated and caused smoke to fill the corridor
01/13/2012    2:01pm Cambridge Oaks Dumpster fire with undetermined cause
01/14/2012    Houston Science Center A/C Fan Motor burned out and filled the corridor with smoke.
01/14/2012    M.D. Anderson Library Trash can fire caused by improperly discarded cigarette
02/29/2012 PGH Electrical circuit board shorted out causing some smoke damage
03/02/2012 CEMO Failure of circuit breaker caused overload of wiring in AHU
03/19/2012 University Center Plastic bin caught fire due to excessive heat from cooked materials
11/19/2012 Keeland Design Center Sawdust ventilation unit caught fire due to spark from blades
12/4/2012 Bates Dormitory Hall A/C Motor shorted out causing smoke to fill the building. No visible flames
12/4/2012 Keeland Design Center Material caught fire inside laser cutter causing damage to the cutter
5/31/2013 Cougar Village Dorms Items left on the stove caught fire causing the fire sprinkler system to activate. Water and Fire damage occurred. No injuries occurred.
7/17/2013 Calhoun Lofts Resident moving into the building left cardboard boxes on stove and accidently turned stove on igniting the boxes. Fire/Water/Smoke damage occurred. No injuries.