Fire Log - University of Houston
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Fire Log

Date and Time Location Cause
01/14/2012    Houston Science Center A/C Fan Motor burned out and filled the corridor with smoke.
01/14/2012    M.D. Anderson Library Trash can fire caused by improperly discarded cigarette
02/29/2012 PGH Electrical circuit board shorted out causing some smoke damage
03/02/2012 CEMO Failure of circuit breaker caused overload of wiring in AHU
03/19/2012 University Center Plastic bin caught fire due to excessive heat from cooked materials
11/19/2012 Keeland Design Center Sawdust ventilation unit caught fire due to spark from blades
12/4/2012 Bates Dormitory Hall A/C Motor shorted out causing smoke to fill the building. No visible flames
12/4/2012 Keeland Design Center Material caught fire inside laser cutter causing damage to the cutter
5/31/2013 Cougar Village Dorms Items left on the stove caught fire causing the fire sprinkler system to activate. Water and Fire damage occurred. No injuries occurred.


Calhoun Lofts Resident moving into the building left cardboard boxes on stove and accidentally turned stove on igniting the boxes. Fire/Water/Smoke damage occurred. No injuries.


19D Parking Lot                                  Vehicle fire no damage to UH property
9/19/2013 Hilton Hotel                                         Faulty starter in elevator control unit shorted out causing a fire.
10/9/2013 Cullen Oaks Apartments                Lint build up in dryer vent booster vent fan caught fire.
2/1/2014 Calhoun Lofts AHU motor overheated and filled corridor with smoke.
1/29/2014 South Park Annex Sawdust build up caught fire no damage to UH property
2/1/2014 Calhoun Lofts AHU fan motor burned up and filled the hall with smoke
4/14/2014 ERP Building 7 Electricians working on a panel caused and Arc-Flash Fire. Injuries sustained to workers and property damage occurred.
4/25/2014 15B Parking Lot Vehicle Fire with no damage to UH property
5/22/2014 University Center Power surge burned electrical surge protectors
6/23/2014 Campus Rec and Wellness Dryer lint caught fire and self-extinguished
7/10/2014 Cullen Oaks Driveway Vehicle fire due to accident that occurred off  campus
8/21/2014 College of Social Work Elevator motor burned up
11/7/2014 Moody Towers Unknown person or persons lit a paper name tag name tag on fire on residential door.
3/7/2015 Bayou Oaks Microwave caught fire extinguished with portable fire extinguisher. No damage except to the microwave.
5/16/2015 Moody Towers AHU caught fire when HVAC Shop neglected to set a fire watch after hot work was performed.
7/10/2015 Athletic Alumni Warm Sterno can placed in trash can. Fire confined to trash can, no damage to building or other contents
7/10/2015 M.D. Anderson Library Electrical outlet shorted out due to heavy electric load from floor buffer.
9/19/2015 Architecture Loading Dock Vehicle Fire no damage to UH property
9/19/2015 Architecture Chiller motor overheated and produced smoke
11/3/2015 Cambridge Oaks Apts Unattended cooking caused small grease fire.
1/4/2016 Cullen Oaks Trash fire caused by smoker's carelessness
2/4/2016 Cambridge Oaks Apts Smoldering trash can on patio caused by smoker's carelessness.
2/12/2016 Calhoun Lofts Fire in toaster oven- self-extinguished
3/1/2016 Moody Towers - Fresh Food Company Cleaning rags left under gas-fired griddle caught fire- extinguished with a portable fire extinguisher
6/24/2016 Calhoun Lofts Dish towel was left on the stove causing a small fire
7/23/2016 Hilton Hotel Bad bearing on AHU motor caught fire.
7/25/2016 Melcher Hall Bearing grease dripped into AHU motor, reached ignition temperature and started a fire.
8/14/2016 Cougar Place Unattended cooking caused small fire confined to a microwave oven.
10/26/2016 MDA Library (Outside) Grass fire
11/14/2016 HSC Explosion in chemical fume hood
12/2/2016 Melcher Hall Overcurrent in electric outlet
12/10/2016 Hilton Hotel Grease fire on grill
12/16/2016 Bayou Oaks Cup caught fire while occupant attempted to light birthday candles
1/13/2017 Calhoun lofts FCU motor caught fire and filled corridor with smoke.
3/1/2017 Cullen Oaks Accumulation of debris on vent caused fire.
3/6/2017 Bayou Oaks Clothes left on a lamp to dry caught fire. 
3/18/2017 Cullen Oaks Unattended cooking caused small fire- confined to oven.
4/30/2017 Moody Towers Improper disposal of smoking materials caused small fire on roof
6/13/2017 MDA Library Capacitor in light fixture overheated and caused a small fire within the light fixture
6/26/2017 Moody Towers Dining Flash fire in deep fryer - self-extinguished
7/19/2017 Cougar Village 1 A summer camp attendee ignited a plastic tote when they placed it on a cook top and inadvertently turned on the heating elements. No injuries were reported.
8/5/2017 Cougar Village 1 FCU motor caught fire and filled corridor with smoke.
8/16/2017 Cougar Place Relay in electric dryer failed, causing smoke.
9/10/2017 ERP Building 2 Dumpster fire- cause unknown
11/4/2017 Cullen Oaks FCU motor caught fire and filled corridor with smoke.
11/15/2017 University Lofts FCU motor caught fire and filled corridor with smoke.
12/10/2017 Moody Towers Dining Grease accumulation under fryer ignited. Employees used handheld fire extinguishers to put fire out. Fire contained to the fryer. 
12/17/2017 Parking Lot 4A Three unidentified individuals lit the base of a light pole on fire.
1/4/2018 Fertitta Center Hot work operations caused insulation to ignite.
1/25/2018 Moody Dining Grease from an unattended grill ignited. Employees used handheld fire extinguishers to put out the fire. Fire was confined to the grill.
2/14/2018 Health 1 Power Plant Heat from electric motor ignited excess accumulation of grease on the interior of the motor housing.
3/7/2018 Science and Engineering Research Center Drum in centrifuge seized up while motor and belt continued to spin causing belt to ignite and produce smoke.
4/17/2018 ERP 3 Uninsulated energized wire came in contact with metal bus box causing a fire.
4/23/2018 Bayou Oaks Parking Lot Flash fire in food truck caused by leaking propane
4/26/2018 East Parking Garage Car fire caused by unspecified electrical malfunction within the engine compartment, near the battery located on the driver side of the vehicle. 
8/26/2018 Cougar Village 2 Batteries on electric skateboard overheated while plugged into wall outlet- fire was confined to skateboard.
9/17/2018 University Lofts Resident burned food in oven, producing smoke and causing fire alarm activation.
9/18/2018 Campus Recreation and Wellness Center Fan belt on air handler unit overheated, producing smoke.
9/22/2018 Cambridge Oaks Apts. Fire in waste paper basket caused by improperly discarded smoking materials
10/16/2018 Roy Cullen Fire caused by an electric anomaly in energized floor-style fan
11/10/2018 TDECU Stadium Loose connection between fuse holder and power supply caused overheating and fire
11/12/2018 Bayou Oaks Parking Lot Unattended candle caught paper holder on fire
11/19/2018 M.D. Anderson Library Duct tape holding light bulb in place reached ignition temperature and caught fire.
02/16/2019 Cambridge Oaks Apts Hot cooking oil ignited when oil spilled over a pot onto a heating coil.
02/17/2019 Cullen Oaks Apts Unattended iron fell onto kitchen counter igniting nearby combustibles.
03/05/2019 Moody Dining Commons Pilot light ignited accumulated grease when an appliance was energized.
04/04/2019 Parking Lot 20 University of Houston street sweeper caught fire. Cause is undetermined.