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McNeely, John Environmental Protection Officer

ContactThis is obviously not John, but symbolic of his Cougar Spirit.

Office phone: 713-743-5863
Cell phone: 832-380-5485
Fax: 713-743-8035



John is the University's Environmental Protection Officer, assisting with the University's hazardous and other regulated waste streams, air emissions, water discharges, and other environmental reporting. Outside of those core responsibilities John also coordinates the department's IT needs and maintains the department website. He's happy to answer any questions regarding hazardous waste management, air emissions at the University, or the University's water discharges and recycling efforts. 

John Thinks You Should Know

EHLS currently swaps out and provides hazardous waste containers, which after their useful lifetime are recycled. You too can recycle much of your lab or shop's waste output, and should look into the possibilities today, or at least borrow an appropriate container from us. 

We do our best to recycle everything we can, or even better to allow for it to be used just like new- no recycling required. These reuse and recycling efforts depend on adequate waste profiling and waste stream identification at the satellite level. If there's any way we can help you consolidate your waste safely without mixing solvents, or contaminating relatively usable materials we'd love to help.

Many people thank military servicemembers for their efforts and sacrifices. As a servicemember, I'd like to thank the construction workers and chemical industry workers that have built our nation at home. During recent conflicts, construction workers and related industries have experienced death rates three times higher than that of servicemembers, and without them we wouldn't have the high performance materials and equipment that keeps us safe.