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Is this Program for Me?

The Ph.D. in Measurement, Quantitative Methods, & Learning Sciences equips graduates with the quantitative research methods skills necessary to design, conduct, and use research to help solve significant societal problems in a diverse, growing population area. A key focus is on quantitative and methodological issues that arise in both basic and applied research. In addition, graduates are provided with the skills necessary to fill a variety of roles in diverse settings in which knowledge of human development, learning theory, research and quantitative methods are essential.

Our program might be for you if you want to:

  • Develop innovative measurement, statistical analysis, and quantitative research methods, and evaluate their utility for use in basic and applied research
  • Understand and be able to apply quantitative research methods to help address significant educational, social, and psychological problems facing schools, individuals, and communities in a large and diverse urban setting
  • Understand and improve learning outcomes (e.g., STEM), especially for populations facing educational disparities (e.g., students with limited English proficiency, students with mathematics learning disabilities, delinquent and court-involved students)
  • Engage in cutting-edge research with national and international faculty drawing on a variety of theoretical perspectives and research paradigms

What will I learn?

The Ph.D. program requires a minimum of 69 hours of coursework and allows students to complete all required coursework in 4 years if they are enrolled full-time (at least 9 hours per semester). Students gain knowledge in measurement and quantitative research methods, theoretical foundations in human development and learning theory, as well as professional leadership skills, through:

  • Coursework
  • Residency
  • Candidacy Research Project
  • Comprehensive Examination Portfolio
  • Dissertation

Since degree plans change periodically, students will follow the degree plan that is in place at the time in which complete an official, approved degree plan. Please see our program brochure for detailed information about required coursework, course sequence, research interests of program faculty, and admission details.

What can I do with my degree?

Upon completion of the Ph.D. program, graduates will be qualified to enter careers in a variety of academic and non-academic settings, including:

  • University and college professors
  • Researchers in Research and Accountability Divisions of public school systems
  • Data analysts or research specialists for local, state, and national government institutions or agencies and private research organizations
  • Independent consultants

To apply for this program, please visit Graduate Admissions.