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Fellowships in Educational Evaluation, Assessment and Research

Fellowships in Educational Evaluation, Assessment and Research


Fellowships in Educational Evaluation, Assessment, and Research (FEEAR) are available to eligible students who have been admitted or are currently enrolled in the Educational Psychology and Individual Difference (EPSY-ID) Ph.D. program. These fellowships provide financial support for well-qualified students planning a career in research or teaching within the field of educational psychology. In particular, the fellowships are awarded to students who intend to complete a degree program and pursue a career in educational evaluation, assessment or research. 

Purpose of the Fellowship

According to the Department of Education, there is an unmet and growing need for doctoral graduates with academic training and professional background in the area of educational evaluation, assessment and research.  In recognition and response to this need, the United States Department of Education and the University of Houston have provided funding to support the FEEAR program. The purpose of the fellowship program is to increase the number of graduates from the EPSY-ID Ph.D. program who are ready to begin careers in the area of educational evaluation, assessment and research.  These careers include employment in diverse contexts such as college or university settings, public and private research organizations, and independent consulting on research. In all cases, graduates have the theoretical expertise, practical training, and hands-on experience to design, initiate, conduct, and manage the research necessary to understand and address the pressing educational issues facing our nation.


Benefits of a Fellowship

Students who are awarded a fellowship through the FEEAR program are eligible to receive a stipend of up to $30,000 per year to cover living/personal expenses. The exact amount of a student’s stipend depends on his/her individual level of financial need as determined through the University of Houston Office of Financial Aid.  All fellowships include remission of tuition/fees for up to 24 hours of coursework completed during a calendar year.  In addition, fellows are also eligible to receive more than  $13,000/year to cover additional academic expenses such as those related to research, membership dues for professional organizations, travel for professional conferences/training, books/course materials, and technology hardware/software.


Requirements of a Fellowship

Fellows must maintain full time enrollment (at least 9 graduate hours each semester) and status as a student in good academic standing within the EPSY-ID program.  In addition, students must complete a 20 hour/week practicum placement and attend bi-monthly meetings during the period of their fellowship.  Fellows must also complete at least two semesters of supervised post-secondary instruction during their matriculation in the EPSY-ID program.  Finally, students must not hold any outside employment during the period of the fellowship.


Application Process and Selection Criteria

Applications for the FEEAR program are solicited and reviewed during the spring semester.  Fellowships begin the following fall semester and last for one calendar year. Students who are awarded a fellowship in one year are able to re-apply for subsequent years. Only students who meet criteria stipulated by the Department of Education can be considered for a fellowship.  According to these criteria, to be eligible for a fellowship students must:

  1. Be currently enrolled and in good standing in (or beginning) the EPSY-ID Ph.D. program.
  2. Have an excellent academic record and superior ability.
  3. Be planning a career in teaching or research in the field of educational psychology.
  4. Complete the administrative requirements of the fellowship.
  5. Demonstrate financial need/eligibility.
  6. Be eligible under Department of Education’s citizenship criteria (e.g., US citizen, permanent resident).


Contact Information

For more information about the FEEAR program or how to apply, please contact the Project Director, Dr. Catherine Horn  through email or via telephone (713-743-5032).  More information about the College of Education, Department of Educational Psychology, or the Educational Psychology and Individual Difference Ph.D. program is available through the respective websites linked to this page.