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Counseling Psychology Practicum

Students must complete at least one academic year of practicum experience. Those entering the Program without a master's degree or previous master’s practicum experience are required to complete an additional year of doctoral level practicum.

Students should have completed necessary coursework to work effectively at the preferred site. Completion of advanced coursework (e.g., Advanced Assessment I and II) may be necessary for practicum placements at particular sites.


A two-semester doctoral level practicum (EPSY 8393) consists of 500 on-site hours (approximately 16 hours per week for 15 weeks per semester). Each semester counts for three credit hours of coursework.

Practicum is a training experience. No more than 12 hours per week (approximately 75% of the student's time) may be spent in direct service. The total on-site hours should include a variety of activities such as:

  • Case conferences
  • Staffing meetings
  • In-service training
  • Workshops

Each student must document 1 hour of individual supervision per week by a licensed psychologist. The activities listed above are considered training and are not part of the 1 hour supervision.

Students are strongly encouraged to take additional practica beyond the required 6 or 12 credit hours. (See Doctoral Handbook for further details).

Application Process

  • Students are encouraged to meet informally with prospective practicum sites during the EPSY GSO Practicum Fair and prior to completing the practicum application process. When speaking with practicum site representatives, students must always be sure to inquire about mandatory staff meetings and other required training activities, as well as deadlines for practicum applications.
  • Before contacting or submitting any applications to prospective practicum sites, students must submit a hard copy of their current CV to the Director of Training by January 20.
  • After students identify practicum sites of interest, they must submit the Practicum Application Form (see Appendix B) in paper form to the Director of Training by the March 1 deadline (or earlier).
  • The Director of Training must approve each student’s CV and Practicum Application Form (see Appendix B) before the student is permitted to contact any prospective practicum sites.
  • Shortly after the CV and Practicum Application Form are approved by the Director of Training, students may apply for interviews at the sites for which they have been approved.
  • The Director of Training consults with the practicum sites and students in making placement decisions. Placement decisions are made by considering students’ preferences, their prior clinical experience and academic preparation, and the availability of openings.