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Do I need to be enrolled full time in order to complete this program?

Students may attend full time (9-12 credit hours) or part time (3-6 credit hours) during the Fall and Spring semesters.  Courses meet primarily in the evenings (4:30-7:30 p.m. generally) or on Saturdays. Most classes are conducted face-to-face, however courses are available in several other formats, including online and cable courses. Summer courses are also available.

If I'm admitted to the University of Houston, can I attend the UH Sugar Land campus as well?

Students apply to the University of Houston and indicate which campus they will attend primarily.  Students may choose either the University of Houston (Central/Main campus) or the Sugar Land location.  In some instances, students may wish to enroll in courses taught at the alternate campus and are permitted to do so.

I began a graduate counseling program elsewhere but was unable to complete it.  Can I transfer those hours to the program?

Students can transfer up to 9 hours from another university (with approval of the student’s faculty advisor) if the courses meet the following: courses must be less than 5 years old; courses must be approved as equivalent to courses required in this program; the graduate courses have not been used to meet the requirements of another graduate degree.  All transfer credits must be approved by the Department Chair and the Executive Associate Dean.

I would like to become a Licensed Professional Counselor, and I have already received an advanced degree in a related field elsewhere.  I lack courses required for this license.  Can I complete these courses at the University of Houston?

The University of Houston does not issue plans outlining courses which an applicant lacks. For more information about these requirements, contact the Licensed Professional Counselors Board

For further information, please see M.Ed. in Counseling Handbook.