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Coursework Requirements

The M.Ed. Counseling - Professional Track consists of a minimum of 48* semester credit hours to fulfill course requirements for professional counselor preparation. The program includes a common College of Education core of 6 semester hours in the areas of human development and inquiry, 33 semester hours of core counseling and methods courses, and 9 semester hours of advisor-approved elective courses.

*Please note that the minimum number of hours required to complete this program increases to 60 hours beginning the Fall 2017 semester.

College Core Requirements

The College core requires one course from each foundation for a total of six credits. These courses correspond to the core courses specified for all masters degree programs in the College of Education.

For students in the Master's Counseling Program - Professional Track, the following are required:

Human Growth/Learning

  • PHLS 6330: Human Growth and Development


  • PHLS 6310: Introduction to Educational Research

Core Counseling Requirements (33 hours)

All students complete the following "core" counseling courses:

  • PHLS 6325 Theories of Counseling
  • PHLS 6343 Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling
  • PHLS 6345 Atypical Growth and Development
  • PHLS 6315 Career Counseling
  • PHLS 6352 Assessment in Educational Psychology
  • PHLS 6391 Introductory Laboratory in Counseling Processes
  • PHLS 6335 Introduction to Group Counseling Theory
  • PHLS 6370 Introduction to Cross-Cultural Counseling
  • PHLS 7393 Internship and Practicum (two semesters for a total of six hours)
  • PHLS 7375 Introduction to Family Counseling

Elective Counseling Courses (9 hours)

Students select 9 hours in consultation with their academic advisor and/or the program coordinator. Courses may be selected from the following list or from courses that are offered in the Department of Psychological, Health & Learning Sciences or the Department of Psychology. 

  • PHLS 6320 Sexual Counseling
  • PHLS 6392 Advanced Laboratory in Counseling Processes
  • PHLS 7305 Advanced Theories of Group Counseling Processes
  • PHLS 7326 School Counseling
  • PHLS 7327 Counseling Children
  • PHLS 7328 Counseling Adolescents
  • PHLS 7329 Counseling Women
  • PHLS 7335 Intervention Strategies
  • PHLS 7391 Consultation Theory and Practice
  • PHLS 6397 Supervision of Counselors
  • PHLS 6397 Substance Counseling
  • PHLS 6397 Grief and Bereavement
  • PHLS 6397 Child Psychopathology
  • PHLS 6371 Gender Issues in Counseling

Since degree plans change periodically, students will follow the degree plan that is in place at the time in which they complete an official, approved degree plan. Following are the most current sample degree plans for the M.Ed. in Counseling:Professional Track.

All M.Ed. in Counseling Program advisors may be found in the Office of Graduate Studies located in Farish Hall.