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DSAES Committees

The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services supports three standing committees for division wide opportunities for involvement and contributions. The work of the committees over the last two years has made an impact on the work that we do collectively. Learn more about each of these committees below.

Assessment Committee

The DSAES Assessment Committee is charged with the systematic collection, review, and use information about the effectiveness of the services and programs provided by each unit comprising the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services for the purpose of improving student learning and development. In addition, the Assessment Committee provides expertise to individual units for their specific assessment plans and methodologies to ensure that all programs and services will meet or exceed nationally accepted standards.

Marketing Communications Committee

The DSAES Marketing Communications Committee develops and implements strategies for internal and external communication initiatives using emerging media and for advancing programs and services by exploring innovative ways to use technology. In addition, the Marketing Communications Committee also works to maintain the DSAES brand and is charged with presenting a comprehensive marketing plan for the Division on an annual basis.

Professional Development Committee

The DSAES Professional Development Committee coordinates learning opportunities for all staff members within the Division on topics pertaining to trends in higher education, student development, professional growth and other topics tied to the Student Success mission. In addition, the Professional Development Committee also works to develop and coordinate the Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Awards and Recognition Program.