Measures of Success

It is intended that the DSA Mentor Program support the professional development of its staff and enhance the success of its division.  As such, the program is based, in part, upon the development and enhancement of professional competencies.  The competencies are based on recommendations by the ACPA/NASPA Task Force.  A summary is on the back of the contract form.  For a full description of the competencies in PDF format, go to  The DSA Mentor Program’s will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Successful completion of the professional development plan (based on the contract)—as measured by at least 70% attainment of the measurable objectives out lined in the Goals and Objectives Contract.
  • Positive impact on DSA culture—as measured by at least 70% of participants ability to identify a new competency which they could implement; and 70% of those who have had the opportunity to implement the competency indicate they have done so at a 4.0 level or greater.
  • Career path advancement—as measured by at least 70% of participants indicating an increased level of professional responsibility (examples include promotions, job specific responsibilities, successful implementation of work place initiatives, or movement toward goals from annual employee review).
  • Campus and/or external recognition (for participants)—as measured by participants in the program at the end of two years demonstrating a higher number of awards and professional attainment (examples include UH staff award nominations and awards, professional organization recognition, program recognitions, professional organization leadership and involvement, and/or selection by UH for special projects) than their contemporaries who did not participate.