Mentor Program

The University of Houston Division of Student Affairs (DSA) Mentor Program targets employees who have worked in UH DSA for more than six months.  The selection process for participants is competitive and eligibility includes, but is not limited by, an excellent work record with no disciplinary actions, a commitment to remaining with the University at least one year, and two recommendations as to the employee’s capacity to excel at the university.


To provide a strong, supportive mentoring program.

Goals of the Mentor Program

  • To increase staff retention, especially staff viewed as having a high potential for exemplary status.
  • To improve professional competencies, generally aligned with competencies identified as best practice for student affairs personnel by ACPA and NASPA.
  • To enhance skill development, including general professional skills and employment specific skills.
  • To clarify career goals, both long and short term.
  • To support staff advancement.


The UH DSA Mentor Program begins each fall semester and the selectees will participate for one year.

Applicants for mentees must have tenure of at least six months at the University of Houston within the Division of Student Affairs, and will be selected competitively among colleagues by a DSA review board. In order to be considered for a mentee position, applicants must complete the online application and submit a resume or vita and two recommendations. The deadline for submission will be posted on the DSA website. Although applicants may make requests for specific mentors from those who have been selected (see biographical data on the mentor page), such a request may not be possible to accommodate. The matching process is made by the committee, with appropriate consultation. Mentors are also selected through a competitive process. Potential mentors must also submit an online application, along with resume or vita and two letters of recommendation. Mentors but must have tenure of at least two years at the University of Houston. These applications will be reviewed by the committee and mentors will be notified of their selected status. Each mentor will be matched with only one mentee per year.

Once selected and matched, mentors and mentees will be notified and required to attend an orientation meeting. Participants will be notified as to the date of this orientation. Following the orientation, it is up to the individual mentors and mentees to arrange meeting times and to create a professional development plan with goals (as related to ACPA/NASPA Student Affairs Competencies). The meetings between pairings will be weekly for four weeks, during which time goals will be created and agreed upon using the "Goals and Objectives Contract" posted on this site. This contract must be submitted by the end of the four week period. Following the first four weeks, there is a minimum expectation that pairings will meet at least once per month for the remainder of the year. Meetings may be held during lunch, or at other times as determined by the mentor/mentee. It is expected that participants will discuss with their supervisors how to best accommodate the meetings.