MAP-Works for Students

How does it work?

MAP-Works uses a combination of:

  • Admissions data (high school GPA, ACT/SAT scores)
  • Institutional data (graduation rates, average GPA)
  • A series of individualized student surveys taken at pivotal times throughout each semester that concentrate on:
    • Learning (expectations and past earned grades, study skills and maximization of those skills) 
    • Connections (student activities and residence hall life)
    • Making healthy choices (time management, eating healthy)
    • Self-knowledge (academic abilities and self management)

MAP-Works provides student participants with a personalized online or printable (PDF) report. Each report helps the student understand their personal strengths and weaknesses. It also details pertinent campus resources as well as benchmarking results to show participants how their peers are adapting to campus life.

Why MAP-Works?

UH students who completed the MAP-Works surveys performed far better than students who chose not to participate in the program. Students who completed the MAP-Works survey:

  • Earned an entire GPA point higher
  • Completed an additional course (or three more credit hours)
  • Were less likely to be placed on academic probation
  • Benefited from additional direct and individualized staff support and assistance

Who views the reports?

Students may only access their personal data. They are also provided with aggregate data to allow them to understand their expectations and behaviors in comparison to those of their peers.

UH Residence Life Coordinators, Academic Advisors, and other pertinent faculty and staff may access individual and aggregate results in order to be of assistance to students. These professional receive extensive training and are ethically and legally bound by FERPA regulations, the Illinois Ethics Standards and the MAP-Works confidentiality agreement.

When do I take the survey?

UH will launch the first MAP-Works survey approximately three weeks into the semester. Students are encouraged to check their UH student e-mail accounts for instructions as well as their unique survey link. Once students have completed the survey, they will immediately receive a customized report which will help them determine their academic, behavioral and social strengths and growth areas.

Additional check-up surveys will be launched periodically throughout the year to help students gauge their progress.