Strategic Plan


The Division of Student Affairs is on an exciting path in the development of a strategic plan to establish our vision for the future and to transform into a Tier One Division of Student Affairs to support student success.  Our journey began in May 2012 with each department preparing a SWOT Analysis of the division which created the starting point for a retreat with our Senior Leadership Team to assess our own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  The outcome of the retreat was the formulation of a first draft mission, vision and a set of values for the division.  In addition, the members of the Senior Leadership Team identified six strategic initiatives that would advance the divisions programs, services, and facilities.

An Edit Team was appointed to modify the drafts of the documents between each phase of the process.  The Edit Team prepared new drafts of the mission, vision, values statements along with the strategic initiatives.  All members of the Division participated in a half-day retreat in July 2012 to evaluate and revise each document and create a series of action steps for each strategic initiative. Following the input from the division staff, the Edit Team created opportunities for additional feedback through the use of Share Point. The process has been inclusive throughout the development of the strategic plan and a glossary of terms was created to ensure a common understanding our collective work as we move forward.

The Division of Student Affairs will advance our contributions to student success with a common mission and vision.  The values identified will guide our practice and our commitment to us, our students and the University of Houston.  The six strategic initiatives challenge us to reach to the next level and to aspire to be more.  Our goal is to be a Tier One Division of Student Affairs and this strategic plan provides us that path for success.


The Division of Student Affairs cultivates an environment that facilitates student success through learning, discovery, and engagement.


The Division of Student Affairs will provide a nationally acclaimed student experience that results in a valuable impact on persistence and graduation.


The Division of Student Affairs is committed to an ethic of care, including a commitment to civility and individual growth and learning, while holding firm and true to our core values:

  • Empowerment — We empower students and staff through programs, personal and professional development, and employment.
  • Transparency — We provide transparency of purpose with honesty and integrity.
  • Accountability — We are accountable to the provision of quality programs and services.
  • Diversity — We demonstrate and celebrate the intentional inclusion of others with various experiences and cultures.
  • Innovation — We expect innovation of ourselves as we develop cutting-edge programs and services that continuously strive for excellence and student success.
  • Collaboration — We embrace the spirit of collaboration through mutually beneficial partnerships on campus and in surrounding environments that foster the exchange of knowledge, resources and expertise.


The Division of Student Affairs, in support of the University’s Tier One status and in an effort to embody its own mission, vision and values, shall undertake the following strategic initiatives:

  1. Create new opportunities for student success through learning, engagement and discovery.
  2. Actualize and leverage the fiscal, human, technological, and facility resources that enhance the student experience.
  3. Foster the creation of a global learning community that actualizes and embraces inclusion while preparing students to become active citizens.
  4. Develop a culture of innovation and accountability in the redesign of Division policies, processes and procedures.
  5. Cultivate a collective identity that demonstrates a united vision.
  6. Create and engage in strategic partnerships.


DSA Executive Leadership Team

Dr. Richard Walker Floyd Robinson
Daniel Maxwell Patricia Sayles
Dr. William Munson Don Yackley
Keith Kowalka  

DSA Senior Leadership Team

Dr. Richard Walker Kimberly Clark Sherry Howard
Daniel Maxwell Lawrence Daniel Marcella Leung
Dr. William Munson Kristin Deville Dr. Norma Ngo
Keith Kowalka Matthew Dulin Kamran Riaz
Floyd Robinson Robbie Evans Dr. David Small
Patricia Sayles Michael Fain, J.D.  
Donald Yackley Linda Garza  
Jason Bergeron Dr. Gail Gillan  
De'Awn Bunch Cheryl Grew-Gillen  

Edit Team

Daniel M. Maxwell Dr. Gail Gillan
Keith Kowalka De'Awn Bunch

Production Team

Matthew Dulin UH Printing & Postal
Kyle Stehling  

Pappas Consulting Group, Inc.