Sponsored Events

Events may be sponsored only by registered university organizations and must be scheduled in accordance with the last section of this policy. It is the policy of the University to permit the expression of a full range of ideas as long as violation of state and federal laws is not involved.

1. University-Sponsored Events Defined

a. Any event on campus sponsored by a registered university organization;

b. Events off-campus funded by university monies or sponsored by registered university organizations funded by university monies.

2. Responsibility-Individual students as well as registered student organizations are subject to disciplinary action if found in violation of student life policies at a university sponsored event.

3. Reservations for Events-University properties utilized for all events other than credit instruction must be reserved with the UC Conference and Reservation Services (CARS) Office in the University Center. Questions raised regarding the use of and policies that pertain to university facilities will be answered in accordance with the paragraph above. Events on and off campus may (and should, for information-publicity purposes) be placed on the university calendar at the time of facility reservation.