Student Life Policies

Like many urban universities, the University of Houston is growing disproportionally faster than its city setting. The University of Houston continues to strive for a spirit of community, an atmosphere that is essential for intellectual growth and achievement. This spirit of community has not been the particular concern of any one person or of any single group. It has gradually evolved from the deepening loyalties of faculty, students, and organizations in the city and throughout the state.

With the spirit of community, the university has nurtured a climate of academic freedom and of freedom of inquiry. Insofar as possible, this climate should enable the University of Houston to solve its own problems, to the extent that they are peculiar to the nature of a university, in an atmosphere of considered deliberation in which all interested parties can participate by means of legitimate representation. This is the purpose of the Student Life Policies. In these policies are found-as clearly defined as possible-the distribution of authority, the identification of rights and responsibilities, the determination for accountability, the application of sanctions, and the mechanisms and guidelines for conflict resolution. These policies are intended to stimulate intellectual excellence in an atmosphere of freedom and to protect the integrity of the university community.

Members of the university community share the same responsibilities of citizenship as other members of the broader community. Students, faculty, and staff members are all subject to the same laws and ordinances. The university does not stand between national, state, or local law enforcement agencies and persons who break the law. Persons who break the law on the campus are subject to action by these agencies and, when appropriate, to the university's internal discipline procedures.

There will be no retroactive application of any changes in the Student Life Policies. However, future change may supersede policies published herein. Alterations to the policies are published on the Dean of Students' Website at

Policies included herein apply to the University of Houston.