2013-2014 Student Handbook

University Services

UH Wellness

  • CRWC 1038

  • UH Wellness, a campus wide education and prevention program, promotes healthier choices and a healthier, safer learning environment across all dimensions of wellness, including social, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, physical, and emotional.
  • Goals:

    •To facilitate student development and the student learning process

    •To strengthen collaboration and networking within the university and surrounding community

    •To utilize research-based, theory-driven prevention models

    •To promote comprehensive campus wellness

    •To promote staff progression towards advanced professional competencies

  • Services:

    •Certified Peer Educator Program with Service Learning Projects

    •Co-Curricular Learning and Academic Credit Opportunities

    •Health and Wellness Workshops

    •Health Promotion Events and National Wellness Campaigns

    •Wellness and Health Coaching

    •Information & Consultation to Students, Faculty, and Staff

    •Houston-Galveston Consortium for Health and Wellness Promotion

    •Alcohol, Other Drugs and Violence Prevention

    •Cohort Based Risk Management Programs

    •Clearinghouse for Health and Wellness Education and Materials

    •Campus Wide Wellness Assessment

  • Certification:

    The peer educators are certified through the National Bacchus and Gamma Peer Educator Program. Internships are available. Contact UH Wellness.