University Services

UH Wellness

CRWC 1038


Empower the campus community to make healthy choices across all dimensions of wellness through evidence-based programs and services that contribute to student success.


  • To facilitate student development and the student learning process
  • To strengthen collaboration and networking within the university and surrounding community
  • To utilize research-based, theory-driven prevention models
  • To promote comprehensive campus wellness
  • To promote staff progression towards advanced professional competencies


  • Certified Peer Educator Program with Service Learning Projects
  • Health and Wellness Workshops
  • Health Promotion Events and National Wellness Campaigns
  • Wellness and Health Coaching
  • Information & Consultation to Students, Faculty, and Staff
  • Alcohol, Other Drugs and Violence Prevention
  • Sexual Violence Prevention and Response
  • Cohort Based Risk Management Programs
  • Clearinghouse for Health and Wellness Education and Materials
  • Campus Wide Wellness Assessment


The peer educators are certified through the National Bacchus network Peer Educator Program which is now an integrated initiative of NASPA (National Association of Student Personnel Administrators). Internships are available. Contact UH Wellness.