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Environmental Health & Life Safety

Texas Learning and Computational Center, Building 106, Second Floor

Environmental Health and Life Safety It is the goal of the University to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all students, employees, and visitors in accordance with federal and state standards. The creation and maintenance of a safe workplace and the development of positive attitudes regarding safety is the duty of all university employees, faculty and students.

The mission of Environmental Health & Life Safety (EHLS) group, which is part of the Department of Public Safety, is to support higher education and research in conjunction with the university community by promoting healthy and safe operations. EHLS is responsible for identifying and eliminating potential hazards throughout the campus while working through the proper channels. In addition, EHLS is charged with providing safety training, establishing specialized safety procedures, and advising the faculty, staff, and administration of the University in matters relating to health, safety, or the environment.

The University is similar to a municipality in that it is subject to a wide range of regulations which include areas such as chemical safety, biological safety, life safety, fire protection safety, radiation safety, environmental compliance and many more. Members of the University are expected to adhere to current policies and procedures as set forth by EHLS and the University as they apply in their daily activities. Therefore, before any alterations or renovations are made to an existing workplace, laboratory, or room, EHLS must be consulted to ensure the safety of the construction activities, as well as the foreseeable safety of the finished project. In addition, any project requiring the use of potentially hazardous equipment, specialized safety controls, or hazardous materials must be reviewed by EHLS prior to initiation.

Employees, faculty and students are expected to be continuously cognizant of the safety needs of themselves and those around them. Members of the university community have a duty to initiate necessary preventive measures to control hazards associated with activities under their direction and are responsible for adherence to applicable health, safety, and environmental regulations. EHLS stands ready to assist you to achieve a University culture in which safety and health are core values.