University Services

Plant Operations

4211 Elgin St.
Customer Service Center 713-74FIX IT (713-743-4948)

PLANT OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT Facilities Service Center 713-743-4948 Plant Operations is a support organization dedicated to the educational mission of the university. Comprised of Facilities Management and Facilities Planning and Construction, the Plant Operations department maintains the university's buildings, grounds and utility systems, and provides custodial services, key control, the Facilities Service Center, and all planning, construction and renovation on campus.

The university operates a recycling service area that collects white paper, newspaper, cardboard and aluminum cans, supporting the university sustainability mission.

Students are encouraged to report problems on campus such as missing or burned out lights, plumbing problems, elevators that are not in service or pest control issues to the Facilities Service Center at 713-743-4948, or through the Building Coordinator for each facility (list posted at

On-campus emergencies should be reported to 713-743-3333 or 911 from a campus phone.