University Services

Measurement & Evaluation Center

206 Student Service Center #1


The Measurement and Evaluation Center (MEC) promotes excellence through evaluative services.


  • Administration of Faculty/Course Evaluations
  • Provide consultation for program evaluation
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction
  • Support needs assessment endeavors
  • Assist in data collection and analysis
  • Provide state of the art scanning services


  • Administration of UH Faculty/Course Evaluations and grading services
  • UH Student Survey & Needs Assessment.
  • Research support and consultation re: data collection, focus groups, interviews, survey design and research.
  • Faculty support through course evaluation, exam scoring, electronic grade book and consultation.
  • Program Evaluation: outcome assessments, data analysis and evaluation of goals and objectives.
  • Survey Research: survey design and administration, assistance with development of customized scannable forms, administration of large-scale, university-wide and community survey, comprehensive assessment services
  • Provide outreach activities.