University Services

Language and Culture Center (LCC)

116 Roy Cullen Building
Fax: 713-743-3029

Established in 1975, the Language and Culture Center provides intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction and cross-cultural communication training to international students who want to pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees at universities in the United States or who desire to improve their English to meet personal and/or professional goals.

The LCC also offers noncredit ESL courses to meet the needs of international students enrolled at the University of Houston. Some courses provide students with English language skills (e.g., English pronunciation, and standardized test preparation) necessary to successfully begin or complete degree programs. Another course, LCC 6034-English for International Teaching Assistants and Faculty, helps graduate students qualify for UH employment in an instructional role. This course focuses on language skills (English pronunciation, including individual sounds, stress, intonation, fluency and overall comprehensibility), cross cultural communication skills (including an orientation to U.S. academic culture), and teaching skills (including non-verbal communication, explaining, presenting, fielding questions, and leading a discussion).

UH students register for LCC classes in the LCC office.