2013-2014 Student Handbook

University Services

Learning & Assessment Services

  • 210 Student Service Center
  • Mission:

    Learning and Assessment Services (LAS) fosters a vibrant, stimulating, and supportive learning environment to promote the success of UH students, the university, and the greater Houston community. LAS identifies needs, provides assessment and evaluative services, promotes outreach activities, and provides student academic support that facilitates student learning.

    LAS is the hub for five key university programs with a common goal: superior service to promote student learning. The five programs are: Learning Support Services, Challenger Program, Measurement & Evaluation Center, University Testing Services, and the Parent Education Program.
  • Goals:

    • Facilitate student learning

    • Promote a supportive learning environment

    • Provide comprehensive assessment services

    • Provide outreach activities

  • Learning:

    Learning assistance programs are offered to all UH students, those in good academic standing as well as those encountering academic difficulties. Walk-in tutoring is available in a wide range of courses. Through learning strategies counseling, students become aware of their own learning process and can then better apply this to their own studying, problem-solving, test-taking and writing to increase their academic success. In addition, LAS provides services specific to graduate and professional education: research-support, introduction to the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), American Psychological Association writing style, scholarly writing, presentations and more.
  • Assessment:

    Learning and Assessment Services provides comprehensive assessment services to the UH community. Assessment services include program evaluation via focus groups, faculty course evaluation, and institutional research, including administration of surveys on behalf of departments and the UH student body. Additional assessment activities include administration of psychological and vocational batteries, course placement tests, credit by examination, college admission tests, licensure/certification examinations, and scoring of departmental and course examinations. LAS also provides consultation for outcome assessment.
  • Outreach:

    Outreach activities are offered on and off campus. Community based programs are: (1) Families CAN Program and (2) Family Based Alternatives Project – both for families of children with disabilities. In addition, LAS staff are available to provide workshops on selected topics to UH departments and programs.
  • Training:

    Learning and Assessment Services (LAS) offers many opportunities for multi-disciplinary training, including internships and practicum opportunities. Students from psychology, counseling psychology, social work may apply for placement at LAS. The guiding principle for training at LAS is to apply psychological, sociological, counseling, and learning theories to training opportunities. Students who are interested can apply for a practicum or internship opportunity in a specific LAS unit or for a multi-unit experience. Some of the possible training activities include:

    • Research and outcome assessment

    • Test administration and interpretation

    • Program planning and evaluation

    • Counseling for learning strategies, self-management and self-development

    • Group facilitation in learning strategies

    • Development and presentation of psycho-educational workshops