University Services

Health Center


For an Appointment, please call:
Men's Clinic: 713-743-5156
Orthopedic Clinic: 713-743-5142
Dermatology Clinic: 713-743-5156
Women's Clinic: 713-743-5156
Psychiatric Clinic: 713-743-5149
Dental Services: 713-743-6453
Attendant Care Services: 713-748-8603
Pharmacy: 713-743-5125

The board-certified physicians and licensed clinical staff of the Health Center provide treatment of minor illnesses and injury as well as health education for UH students. Medical services are provided in our various clinical areas including General Medicine, Women's, Men's, Orthopedic, and Psychiatric. Appointments are available for enrolled students, staff and faculty in the General Medicine Clinic. Same-day appointments are offered dependent on availability and medical need. The Specialty Clinic areas include Women's Health, Men's Health, Orthopedic Care, and Psychiatry. Only enrolled students are eligible for specialty care and an appointment is necessary for all Specialty Clinic areas.

The Health Center currently submits claims for billing to the Student Health Insurance Plan. Patients who are uninsured and patients insured with a non-UH plan and are expected to pay at the time of service and may submit their Health Center receipt to their insurance plan for possible reimbursement. Nominal fees are assessed for lab tests, specialty clinic visits, professional services and surgical procedures. Referrals to medical specialists are available upon request.

The Health Center Pharmacy sells prescription medications and over-the-counter products at reduced rates. We are pleased to announce the addition of on-site dental services. All preventative dentistry along with general and other major dental procedures are now available at the Health Center to currently enrolled students. The Health Center offers 24-hour Attendant Care Services for physically challenged students living on campus. The program is coordinated by an on-site registered rehabilitation nurse. Participating students reside at Cambridge Oaks. Health awareness programs offered upon request.

For further information on Health Center services or student health insurance, contact Health Center Information at 713-743-5151. If you are experiencing a medical emergency and are on the UH campus, call the UH Police at 713-743-3333. If you are anywhere else, call 911. For after hours non-emergent medical issues, please refer to our website for after hours care and advice at: